Coyote Moon (coyote_moon) wrote,
Coyote Moon

to walk

We come to this place, a fleeting whisper guiding us to things familiar. We stop, pluck a soft petaled thorn, lick the blood from our palms and call it wounded adoration. I've been here before. I've looked for you in every passing moment, every face, every car, everywhere. I've looked into the mist, let it tangle around my legs and hold me cold and straining. You called for me before, cried out for me, searched for me. I had already been pulled under, tossed back. The timing of such storms has never been predictable.

If I could but walk with you again. Inhale the earth, the weeds, the rain of you. What would I find? Not the gentle patter of peace but the deep thirst of parched ground. The violent rending of earth torn and pushed apart. Two forces in opposition.
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