Coyote Moon (coyote_moon) wrote,
Coyote Moon

Raising rabbits

The neighbor kids discovered I have a rabbit and a hammock in the backyard. To them, these two things make my house somehow magical. For hours today they would ring my doorbell and ask if they could pet the rabbit or play on the hammock.

Then dinnertime came and the kids scattered back to their houses. The dads lit the grills, the moms arranged the tables so everyone could eat outside. It's the last days of summer. After dinner, a mom taught her daughter how to ride a red wagon down my hill. The dads played frisbee and baseball in our back field. A couple kids pulled the ripe tomatoes from the vine.

I wish I could be a mother. To fill this house with little feet and little laughs. I know I should be grateful for what I have. For all that I have. Still I ache. Why are we allowed to want things we can't have?

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Ah, Coyote, I thought you had gone. It is a pleasure to find your rose-petal patois, I'm sorry I gave up on you.

We must want things we can not have in order to keep moving forward, though some of them - I must admit - are far more painful to go without than others.