Coyote Moon (coyote_moon) wrote,
Coyote Moon

Home again, gone again

Seems the moment I arrive is the moment I need to think about leaving again. Today it makes me wonder how quickly I slip between worlds. It's like sliding between the sheets at night. So simple an action to transport me to another world.

How easily a hotel room can feel like home and home can feel foreign. I like the little shampoos, conditioners and how the towels are always off the floor when I return home at night. Whereas four baskets of laundry wait on the coffee table for me at home.

Returning to the hotel at night, there is always someone there to greet me. Here my husband no longer picks me up from the airport or waits up until I get home. More often than not, he is asleep in the basement, even if get home mid- afternoon.

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