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5k run

I'm not a runner. But when a friend invited me to run a 5 k with her I agreed. Of course I haven't really ran since my stress fracture. Plus I've never ran a 5 k but I seemed to like the idea in theory.

So tonight Michael and I headed to Lowell to run. With traffic we were running late and we were still walking up to the starting area when they started the women's group. So I started a minute or two behind everyone.

They started the guys 2 minutes after the girls. I about got trampled. I never found my friend and my husband passed me within the first 5 minutes.

But I pretty much ran the entire thing. I walked twice but I limited myself to 5 steps and start running again. Don't be fooled. I was one of the last runners and most people can walk faster than I can run. Still it is my first race since high school and my first 5k. I finished in 41 minutes.

Yeah me!

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