Coyote Moon (coyote_moon) wrote,
Coyote Moon


Last night I fell into a dream. A man, my love and I were struggling in a new land. We were working and building a house. Planing boards, notching timber, cutting out a space in the wilderness. The land was open. The kind of place where prairie grasses ripple in the breeze. Oceans of grass for miles. I knew all this. But I knew this without really seeing.

We sat together around a campfire. Finishing up a last cup of coffee before turning in. We didn't speak. We moved around each other, knowing we shared a space. Knowing we'd said enough. Allowing the other to keep their own thoughts for awhile. Then, in that moment, a train pulled up. Such a long structure. There were no cars, just a building that went on as far as the eye could see. But it must be a train! How else could it appear? It was not here in the daylight.

We rose then to stare at this thing. This behemoth blocking the horizon. We stepped toward it. In the space of that step, we triggered that attack. A man rush at my man with a sword, plunging forward out of the darkness. He thrust and parried. You seemed so calm, standing unarmed. In one lunge, you disarmed him. Grappling the sword from his hands. The man,stunned, whistled and a black mare appeared. The man flung himself up on the bare back of the animal and galloped off. We ran,you and I. We ran after him. Wanting to see where he had come from and to make sure he did not come back. We somehow kept him in view. We saw the open door in the train then. Saw the man barreling toward it. We saw the horse burst into flames. The man fell from his back, screaming and writhing. We watched him until he died. Unable to help.

My love grabbed the horse then. Swung easily onto his back and pulled me up behind him. I felt the warmth of him, the residual heat of the animal. I shivered. We headed through the door of the train. On the other side a great bazaar opened before us. The heat of midday rising off the pavement. The bartering of the market.

I woke then. Started out of the dream and into the dark here in my bed. Why wake there? What was more startling there in the bazaar. Would not the burning flesh have startled me more?

I will never understand dreams. I will always feel bad that it is never my husband.
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