Coyote Moon (coyote_moon) wrote,
Coyote Moon

To sleep and not wake

I am beyond tired. There is a time at 3 am when I'm woken by the baby's cry when I want to roll over and go back to sleep. A half hour later when she is asleep in my arms I wish to stretch it out a little longer. But mostly I wish for sleep. Uninterrupted blissful sleep.

That and to understand what decision, what action, what I did or didn't do that has brought me here.

I am the invisible one. Dependable... But invisible. I can be leaned on but when i go to rest the chair is gone. The floor is gone. My friends are gone.

I may open my mouth to speak but the conversation does not stop to let me. Everything moves past me. So I'll go to sleep and hope that I do not wake. Til tomorrow

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